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They WON ?!


By Fred Wallace

Boston Globe Blunder



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "

As always with a Super Bowl game there are endless slices of life that generate neat stories.

This year's Super Bowl was the dramatic come-from-behind win for the New England Patriots, where they erased a 25 point deficit and stunned Atlanta with a 34-28 overtime victory.

The Falcons weren't the only ones who were stunned.

The Boston Globe facing a printing deadline for their early edition, ran a front page Monday suggesting the Patriots had lost to the Falcons.

The headline read ``A Bitter End'' and featured an image of a fallen Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

Imagine the angst and confusion of those subscribers who got the early edition.

Of course, those editions are now collector's items and probably will be worth something decades from now.

For the later edition of the Boston Globe, they ran the headline ``Win For The Ages'' and showed a triumphant Brady holding up the championship trophy.

It just goes to show it's never over until it's over regardless of what you might read in the newspaper.

I'm Fred Wallace

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