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Super Bowl Weekend


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

I know there's a Super Bowl Game this weekend in Houston, Atlanta against New England, but the # 1 topic of discussion in the city of Owen Sound this week has been last Saturday's OHL game.

I doubt anyone missed it but here's the quick recap;

The Attack on a 15 game winning streak hosted the London Knights who were 4 points ahead of Owen Sound in the standings.

The game was televised nationally by Sportsnet, so the big contest became that much more of a BIG contest.

Owen Sound promptly grabbed a 5-1 lead before the midway point, saw London insert their backup's backup in goal, and then watched in disbelief as the Knights came from behind to post a 7-6 shootout victory.

Sure, it was great TV, but it stunned the Owen Sounders both at the Bayshore and watching the tube.

' What happened ? '

I heard that question a thousand times this week and the answer today is, ' it doesn't matter '.

The Owen Sound Attack saw a franchise record win streak come to an end and what matters more than the manner in which that streak was snapped is now, how fast can you build another streak, how well do you respond to the Knights and Erie Otters of the World.

Attack fans get an early glimpse of the response tonight when Owen Sound visits London

I'm Fred Wallace

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