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Chippewa No More


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "

There was freezing rain yesterday in the region, so naturally the topic was golf.

Specifically, the name alteration from Chippewa to Southampton Golf & Country.

Course owner Kevin O'Brien related the switch to Southampton Golf & Country eliminates any possible confusion with the " other " Chippewa, Chippewa Creek at Mount Hope.

And as notable as the name change was, the bigger alteration at the newly named Southampton course was the addition of 8 acres that will be used for the preliminary phase of a housing development which will not interfere in any way with the golf course layout

The development, according to O'Brien, will construct 40 to 60 units and the proceeds from the housing project are expected to fund the construction of a new clubhouse at Southampton which is a long term goal.

So while nobody made a putt yesterday, the 2017 golf season is certainly in swing.

I'm Fred Wallace

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