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Thundercats Wreck Party


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

Friday night was a delightful night for hockey in Shallow Lake.

As part of the Crushers 10th anniversary celebration, I was at the Shallow Lake & District Community Centre to see the Crushers face the Durham Thundercats in WOAA Senior Hockey.

Based on their early steps, one might have thought ten years of operation was unattainable, but the Crushers after a decade give you the impression of being very vibrant in the here and now and for the long term.

Plenty of volunteers stationed around the building, a sold out game program and from my viewpoint on a snowy night, they had a solid crowd.

Oh sure, the Durham Thundercats wrecked the party by posting an 8-7 overtime win on the Crushers special night, but that's hockey.

But the game was fun, back and forth with plenty of familiar names; Jeff MacMillan, Kyler Nixon, Chris Brown for the Thundercats; Matt Smyth, Daniel Zweep and the longest serving Crusher Jeremiah Henderson

On a Friday night this winter and hopefully for many winters ahead, the Shallow Lake Crushers are great value for the entertainment dollar.

I'm Fred Wallace

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