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No Deal, No Rock


By Fred Wallace


Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

A week ago, the Wiarton Rock of the Greater Metro Junior Hockey League ceased operations.

As widely reported over the last 2 weeks on this station, the Rock had hit a financial wall and were in talks with the league to partner with the ownership of the Knights of Meaford.

Depending on who you talked to, the partnership arrangement was possible, but not a certainty.

A Wiarton source related the Rock wanted a financial boost in exchange for 49 % of the team.

A Meaford source related Didier Cholet, the Knights owner,  wanted to be installed as President of the Rock and hold a 51 % share....and if the money loaned to the Rock was not returned by the end of July, then the Cholet Family would have possession of 2 teams.

I can't tell you what happened, or when it happened, but it's obvious there was no deal and now there's no Rock.

I found it interesting that in the GMHL release, the league still believes in Wiarton as a viable market for a team.

Having seen what transpires at Meaford over 4 seasons, I too believe Wiarton could be an excellent location for a team.

However, whoever comes next to Wiarton might be walking onto scorched earth.

I'm Fred Wallace

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