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By Fred Wallace

OLG Makes Gaming Selection For Hanover and Elsewhere



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire ".

The local harness racing scene witnessed an alteration not that long ago when Hanover Raceway's General Manager was eliminated.

At the time, it seemed to me to be a curious move, especially considering that incumbent GM Gord Dougan had a lengthy and successful tenure at the track that included an upswing in every measurable financial category in 2016.

The alteration makes a touch more sense today with the announcement that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has selected Gateway Casinos & Entertainment Limited as the service provider for the North and Southwest Gaming Bundles- Hanover Raceway being among the tracks in the Southwest bundle.

The selection of Gateway is described as a modernization by OLG, designed to ensure the best possible gaming experience for customers.

Under this modernization plan, Gateway, who have a quarter century of experience in the gaming industry, will assume day to day operational duties at 9 tracks in the province, including Hanover Raceway.

Yes, there are some legal and contractual items to be completed by OLG anticipates that Gateway will be in place at Hanover and elsewhere by the Spring.

My question was, with Gateway associated to slots and gaming,  does this mean slots but no harness racing at Hanover ?

According to the OLG, the decision whether to race or not is in the hands of the track operators, in the case of Hanover Raceway, that would be the Hanover-Bentinck-Brant Agricultural Society.

I'm Fred Wallace

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