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Baseball Winter Meetings


By Fred Wallace


Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire "

The Baseball Winter Meetings are almost perfectly timed.

The 7 game World Series wrapped just over a month ago, and the image of warm days and day to day pace of a Major League season are on the horizon, not that far off.

Blue Jay fans, who have had back to back years of advancing to the ALCS, can enjoy the glow of those seasons and look ahead to what 2017 might be, albeit without several of the crowd pleasers of the past two years.

What I found most interesting this baseball off season is the alteration of the All Star Game whereby they are ditching the reward concept.

For the better part of a decade and a half, the winning team in the All Star Game also won home field advantage for their league champion in the World Series.

And while the alteration was interesting, so too were the voices who cried " Hallelujah ", insinuating the reward process was flawed.

In fairness, I haven't watched a second of the Baseball All Star Game since 1982.

But now that Major League Baseball has reverted to the old format with little, if anything, of consequence on the line, I'm even less likely to pay much attention to the All Star Game.

I'm Fred Wallace

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