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Phase 1 Concludes


By Fred Wallace

Brokerlink Insurance Curling Heads to Playoff Round



Hi this is Fred Wallace with Off the Wire

The Brokerlink Insurance Grey Bruce Major Curling League wraps up the round robin tonight with games at Tara and at Chesley

Remarkably, with tonight's action still in front of us, the top 4 and bottom four participants for phase 2 of the season have been established.

Don Bartley, Jeff Thomson, Al Hutchinson and Wade Walsh all won 4 times in the opening segment and will play in the upper tier in the next phase.

The rinks skipped by Steve Gregg, Mike Hamer, Les Shane and Craig Milburn will compete in the second tier.

The second phase which commences December 7th at Hanover will feature a round robin among the current top 4 and a round robin among the bottom 4.

And here's the beauty of the 2016-17 league're never really out of it until your defeats add up.

The top 2 teams after the upper tier round robin concludes will advance to the semifinals.

The quarterfinals will feature the bottom 2 from the upper tier and the top 2 from the bottom tier and at that point, it's pretty much win or go home.

So while tonight's Brokerlink Major Curling matches at Chesley and Tara won't factor into who goes where for the next phase, they certainly will serve as an excellent primer for the month ahead.

I'm Fred Wallace

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