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Downsizing Local Curling


By Fred Wallace

Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire " brought to you by your local Auto Logic, the Logical Choice.

The Brokerlink Insurance Grey Bruce Major Curling League will begin competition tomorrow night at the Hanover Curling Club.

The league has had a lengthy and successful run with the regional championship being swapped among a variety of teams.

But while the circuit has had a vibrant past, the present, while not bleak, is far from its zenith.

Just 8 rinks will compete this year as opposed to other seasons when 13-17 entries threw stones.

There's no question that this is most disappointing to the curling contingent in our region who obviously fear this might be a negative trend.

With Curling Clubs dotting both counties, it's discouraging to note just 8 entries could be culled for league play in a loop which offers so many benefits, competitive, recreational and social- take your pick.

Having said that, the 2016 Brokerlink season might be the most competitive ever.

Rinks skipped by Don Bartley, Jeff Thomson, Al Hutchinson, Wade Walsh, Steve Gregg, Les Shane, Craig Milburn and Mike Hamer should create a highly competitive season for the Brokerlink Insurance Grey Bruce Major League.

I'm Fred Wallace


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