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By Fred Wallace

Hanover Raceway Eliminates GM Position



Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire " brought to you by your local Auto Logic, the Logical Choice.

At an Attack game over the weekend, a regular at Hanover Raceway approached the sound booth and whispered that he understood Hanover Raceway had made a managerial change and that Gord Dougan was no longer with the track.

Not wanting to believe what I heard, I called Gord's cell phone and the voicemail on the other end was not Gord's, but rather someone thanking me for calling......Hanover Raceway.

In the hours that followed, I was able to contact both Jonathan Hanian of Premier HR Solutions in Guelph along with Gord Dougan, who confirmed the news.

In a nutshell, the General Manager's position at Hanover Raceway has been eliminated, and as a result Dougan has no position and thus, after more than a decade, is no longer associated with the track.

According to Hanian, the decision was difficult, and while they were happy with the upswing in numbers last year, particularly at The Coach House, they've elected to proceed by having existing staff members carry out Gord's responsibilities.

The 2017 race season at Hanover is more than 7 months away which gives them plenty of time for preparation, but I'm willing to wager come Opening Night they'll be surprised how much of a load Gord Dougan carried over 13 years as General Manager at the track.

I'm Fred Wallace

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