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The Atkinson Cycle


By Fred Wallace

Great Grandson Nearly Wins Bluewater West Meet



Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire " brought to you by your local Auto Logic, the Logical Choice.

The annual Bob Atkinson Memorial Cross Country Meet was staged last week at Saugeen Bluffs, near Paisley.

More than 730 youngsters competed at the event.

Saugeen Central was the 2016 overall school champion while the 6 individual races were won by Megan Martin, Jordan Beisel, Brooklyn Quanz, Jared Houghton, Morgan Sinclair and Charlie Bennett.

While each race was significant in its own right, I thought the most pertinent event of the day was the Tyke Boys Race.

Charlie Bennett of GC Huston in Southampton won the division, but the runner up in that division was...... Dillon Atkinson from Northport Elementary.

Dillon Atkinson is the great grandson of Bob Atkinson for whom the meet is named, a tribute to the elder Atkinson's service and commitment to the meet and other activities out of the Paisley Legion.

As Dillon Atkinson charged up the incline trying to catch the race leader, he did so in front of his father and his grandfather who were on hand.

The great grandfather, Bob Atkinson is no longer with us, but there's no question he would have been justifiably proud of the race and the day.

I'm Fred Wallace

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