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Falling Behind


By Fred Wallace

Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire " brought to you by your local Auto Logic, the Logical Choice.

There's many nights at Hanover Raceway when I've made my selection and then watch in disappointment as my horse lags into the first turn, seemingly finished before it gets started

' How could I be so wrong ? ', I ask myself.

The Owen Sound Attack at 1 & 3 aren't up to the first turn, but already they're facing a decent challenge if they want to get back into the thick of the chase.

At 1 & 3, the Attack, along with Erie and Saginaw, quickly have found themselves at the back of the Western Conference pack which, in the case of Owen Sound, is mystifying, perplexing and aggravating to everyone connected.

Was everybody wrong in their early season assessment of the Attack ?

I don't think so.

Make no mistake, the Attack deserve to be where they are; penalty issues, turnovers, soft goals against, being outworked by inferior clubs- at least on paper, that's how you start 1 & 3.

But truthfully, the race has just begun and with 4 consecutive road games in front of them, starting tonight at North Bay, the Attack might be facing a needed motivational challenge to get them back to where most people believe they belong.

I'm Fred Wallace


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