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By Fred Wallace


Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire " brought to you by your local Auto Logic, the Logical Choice.

The first of many significant Cross Country meets was staged Saturday at Meaford; the 6th Annual Coyotes Cross Country Meet

Staged at the somewhat altered Georgian Bay Community School Athletic Field, there were a number of items that stood out.

First of all the divisional winners, Girls then Boys, Grade 7-8 down to Grade 1 & 2, were; Madison Calder, Tayden Hannivan, Kara Tichbourne, Dante Hannivan, Taryn Lee, Denon Taylor, Micah Abbott and Emmett Leary

Most notable among the races was the Grade 3-4 Girls event were Lee finished a fraction ahead of Olivia Latham in a sprint to the finish.

Among the winners, it's also notable the expanding geographic territory they represent.

As you might expect, there were champions from the immediate region of Meaford and The Blue Mountains.

But there were also competitors and winners from well outside those communities which explains to a large part how the Coyotes established a club record for participants on the day at 375.

It wasn't a perfect day for Cross Country- it seldom is. But one wonders with an expanding reputation, how far can the Meaford Coyotes expand their participation level for 2017 and beyond ?

I'm Fred Wallace

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