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The Minor Hockey Flashback


By Fred Wallace

November 6, 1968



Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire " brought to you by your local Auto Logic, the Logical Choice.

I'm not sure why, but Randy Asselin sent me a clipping from the Midland Free Press, ....................dated November 6, 1968.

The clipping was written by the late Andrea Deschamps, who, I assume, was responsible for reporting all of the Midland Minor Hockey House League scores and scorers.

The first thing that hit me was that this was a recap of the FIRST week of the House League season- November.

My how times and seasons have changed. A lot of Minor Hockey players and teams have been at it for half a year by the time November rolls around these days.

But more than that, there was a sheer joy in reading the names of the scorers that jumped off the page.

Some of the names were totally expected; the best older players I remember from childhood; Kenny Fox, Bruce Guthrie, Billy Beauchamp,.......

Of course, there were others, players from my age bracket, players I played with for years and have never forgotten; Mike Abram, Steve Dunn, Kim Lavigne......

According to the story, I played for the Zebras and we didn't do too well that day against Pierre Lefaive and the Leopards.

And finally, there were names of youngsters almost forgotten, those certainly not associated with hockey but verified right there in black & white by the Free Press account; Lawrence Gagnon, Greg Lyons and the Hatley Brothers......

Have a piece of memorabilia ????..... Please don't send it to me.
The Free Press story by Andrea Deschamps took the better part of a full morning to read, react and contact the people I thought would also get a rush out of it.

I'm Fred Wallace

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