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More NHL Teams in Canada? Doubtful.


By Fred Wallace

Hi this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire " brought to you by your local Auto Logic, the Logical Choice.

With Junior Hockey underway and, I understand, the World Cup about to start this weekend, I found an old report from the Conference Board of Canada stating the country could support 3 more N-H-L franchises within the next decade or so.

The board believes the existing 7 Canadian franchises ( none of which made the playoffs last year ) could potentially be joined by operations in Quebec City, Hamilton and the ever-popular third Toronto entry.

In my eyes, this looks extremely far fetched.

Quebec City was bypassed while Las Vegas was welcomed in the latest expansion of the NHL.

The issues that prevented Quebec City from joining this time will be the same issues the city perpetually faces when looking to join the lodge.

Hamilton ? It's only been 41 years since the sparkling Copps Coliseum cum First Ontario Place was constructed. I'd bet it would be 41 more years before the NHL returns to Hamilton.

And for the second GTA entry in the NHL to join the Leafs, I also thought that mythical story was reserved for slow sports days in the Big Smoke.

The Conference Board of Canada believes there could be three more Canadian NHL entries in time.

While I respect the financial expertise of those conducting the report, I'm not a believer.

I'm Fred Wallace

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