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New Legislation


By Fred Wallace

OHL Updates Icing, Blindside Hits and Fighting Rules



Hi, this is Fred Wallace with " Off the Wire " brought to you by your local Auto Logic, the Logical Choice.

The Ontario Hockey League Board of Governors implements new initiatives each summer.

For the Summer of 2016, the Governors adopted the NHL hybrid icing rule and put in place a penalty for hits from the " blindside. "

Most notable though was the lowering of the threshold for fighting.

As of this moment, any OHL Player who engages in 3 fights this year will be suspended. The bar previously was set at 10.

I'm pretty neutral on the fighting legislation.

Some truly exciting moments in hockey games have occurred when fighting was central. Does anyone remember Brent Sullivan and Bob Crummer in March of 1999 ? That was awesome and a huge part of what was a great game between the Platers and the Storm.

By the same token I've also witnessed two of the ugliest incidents in OHL history; Jeff Kugel at Windsor and James Ramsay in Plymouth, incidents that bother me more than a decade later, incidents which I wished I'd never seen.

Will the cutdown in fighting be a strategic loss ? Who knows ?

I've seen 3-0 games swing after a purpose fight.
I've seen 3-0 games go nowhere after a purpose fight.
There's no statistic that proves or denies the impact of a fight as a turnaround tactic.

My final thought on the issue; there's no doubt that Owen Sound's best season was 2010-11. And the most successful stretch of seasons for the Attack ran from 2010-13.

Joey Hishon, Garrett Wilson, Jordan Binnington and Cameron Brace are among the players who were responsible for that level of success.

But is it coincidence that Owen Sound's lineup through that period also featured Daniel Zweep ?

I'm Fred Wallace

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