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Looking on the bright side

By Jim Birchard

For once, I am taking advice from my wife.

When I told Pat I thought I would comment on the sorry state of the economy, she told me quite emphatically why you don+?G??G??t do some thing positive.

So here it is.

I woke up this morning, alive. How more positive can you be about that?

My wife, Pat still loves me, despite all the visual warts and psychological  imperfections I bring to our relationship, she has toughed it out for more than 25 years, so that defiantly is a positive.

Our dog, Andy is still with us after 11 years which is good for a large dog.

That is a positive.

Sherpa the cat, which we inheritated when Pat's father passed away actually gets along with Andy the wonder dog, from time to time.

That too is a positive.

Our two sons are doing well as far as education and careers are concerned.

That is a positive.

There are flowers in my garden despite the cold temperatures and frost.

That also is a positive.

My 9 year old rusty van started this morning and managed to get me to work.

That too is a positive.

I am not at war with my brother and sister in law, in fact I cherish their company and relish the time I can spend with them.

That too is a very big positive.

So in when you look at the big picture, despite the seemingly oppressive negatives facing us these days, the positives far out weigh them.


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