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By James Morgan

It's the time of year when we head out to the cottage or campsite to enjoy the outdoors during the short window of time that makes up summer in Canada -- although this year, that window seems to be only open a crack.

I arrived at a campsite in a nearby provincial park recently to find it in awful condition. 

The previous campers seemed to think a campsite is also a garbage dump.

There were drink bottles, food packaging, and food scraps all over the place.

Anti-littering campaigns have been taking place for decades now, and environmental consciousness is at an all-time high.

Why do some people insist on being ignorant?

Littering a campsite ruins the outdoor experience for the next visitors and shows a lack of respect for provincial parks that are meant to preserve the environment and give the public a place to enjoy the outdoors.

The Ontario Parks folks have a role to play in this too.

They should be stepping up maintenance and checking campsites in between visitors and cleaning up any garbage.

Park wardens on patrol should also keep a closer eye on the condition of campsites and give littering campers a friendly reminder, and if needed, issue fines.

All parks provide garbage dumpsters, usually within a short walk or car ride from the campground.

If you're camping right now, keep the site tidy, make sure the friends and family you're with do too.

Teach your kids now about not littering and keeping our outdoor areas clean.


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