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EHealth Nightmare

By James Morgan

The provincial government has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to the eHealth mess.

16 million dollars in untendered contracts, a 114 thousand dollar bonus for the CEO and travel expenses for board members to travel from Florida are just a few of the irresponsible items.

The eHealth website says it's role is to harness information technology to improve patient care and safety.

You really have to wonder if the government needs to have separate agency and whole level of bureaucracy to do this.

The work that eHealth is supposed to be doing should be instead done by an existing branch of the Ministry of Health.

And, while it's important to have the latest technology in health care, I'd rather see the government get serious, and not just talk about bringing wait times down, and show a genuine interest in keeping services going at small town hospitals.

The McGuinty government cancelled a third-party review of E Health that would have got to the bottom of the situation.

Sure the review would have cost money, but cancelling it shows a complete lack of accountability.

Perhaps a review at the ballot box when the next election rolls around will have to do instead.

The government needs to admit that the misspent money at eHealth isn't the government's money, it's your's and mine, and the bureaucrats and politicians need to remember that we're their bosses.


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