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The positive side to cooler summer weather!

By Diana Meder

This has been a bizarre summer say the least.

Its nearing the end of the July and ..really doesn't feel like we've had a summer at all.

Memories of shovelling snow and ice are still fairly fresh in our minds... and we're all waiting for our reward....sunshine and warmth.

But... have you considered the 'up' side to this weather?

I, for not look forward to those dog days of summer..where the temperatures soar above 30 and the humidity is so thick you can't sleep at night without the sheets sticking.

For me...there's the first 'up side' sheet sticking so far this year.

The other positive has been for anyone doing any kind of hard labour...either inside or outside.

It just hasn't been that hot...allowing home projects to get done with fewer cross words.

There's also the fact that in our house..the a/c hasn't been turned one once yet this year...not once.

That's gotta do something to help with the bills..and ofcourse mother earth.

Then there's the little things .... I've eaten less ice cream this summer...because..lets face it... who's in the mood for an ice cream along the waterfront when you need a sweater just to stand there.

So my waistline is reaping the benefits of a cooler summer as well.

I'm using less need for those mid afternoon top ups....and fewer cool showers are necessary either.

I haven't had to dig to the bottom of my closet for that sleeveless number that shows off my saggy arm flaps...that's always a positive in my books.

I also haven't had to bare my cottage cheese-like thighs to the world this year....because my bathing suit is still in the suitcase from my last vacation south..... and finally hair.

I haven't had a sweaty hair day since last summer!  You see...all you have to do is look for the positive.... its always there. 


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