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By Ross Kentner

On this St. Patrick+?G??G??s day when we+?G??G??re wearing the green, let+?G??G??s award some laurels as well as launch a few leprechaun darts!

We+?G??G??ll start with a dart for the hooligans who put Montreal on the map of places to avoid by rioting on the weekend. They say they are demonstrating against police brutality but two wrongs never make a right. It+?G??G??s impossible to exhibit violence and expose police brutality at the same time and who doesn+?G??G??t know that in this day and age?

Another dart is for American International Group, the insurance giant that got a 170-billion dollar bailout from former President Bush. Now $165-million of that is being paid out to the same executives who lost everything in the first place. The company says its hands are tied, and that+?G??G??s exactly what President Obama should say when they come back for more of the taxpayers+?G??G?? green!

Our last dart is for the CBC which is buying up American game shows for television while dumping serious music on radio. And possibly targeting private radio by running commercials for the first time in 25 years. One hand in your pocket, the other in ours.

As well as a laurel, I have words of encouragement for 15-year-old Hannah Nicholls-Harrison of St. Mary+?G??G??s High School in Owen Sound. Hannah scored very low in a recent public speaking contest although her teachers believed she had a winning talk. It was about the fact that in some countries, girls are subjected to dangerous and painful genital mutilation. I doubt a talk about the holocaust would merit such censure. Hannah, just keep on speaking up about justice issues even if they make some people uncomfortable.

Finally, a laurel to all the haberdashers out there (you know who you are). Some say it is the recession that has brought back the collar and tie, but I say it is the natural return of men to their senses or at least their sense of style! The trend to casual dress at the office had really gone too far. So here+?G??G??s to all the men of sartorial splendor doing their part to boost the economy and put the "business" back in the business office!

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