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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Port Albert General Store To Close For Winter

Port Albert | by Peter Jackson  

Store owner says rising minimum wage, inability to sell alcohol factors in seasonal closure.

The owner of the Port Albert General Store is closing his business for the winter, and says provincial government policy is to blame.

Steve Buchanan is an outspoken critic of the Liberals, and has banned Deputy Premier Deb Matthews from entering his business when it reopens in the spring.

Matthews owns a summer property in the area.

The store also displays a "Wanted" poster, featuring a photo of Premier Wynne who Buchanan says is ignoring rural Ontario with some of the legislation the government has passed.

Buchanan says the increase in the minimum wage is only part of the reason he has to suspend operation of the store.

He contends that the 20 per-cent minimum wage hike by 2019 is an inducement for Ontarians to vote Liberal in next year's election, and a bid for union support in the campaign.

Buchanan says the announcement that non-LCBO alcohol sales are restricted to large grocery stores, is also dealing a blow to small businesses like the Port Albert General Store.

Because of the minimum wage hike and not being able to sell alcohol, he's revising his business model which calls for fewer staff when the store re-opens.

The Port Albert General Store closes on December 16th, and will reopen on April 26th.

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