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Friday, January 6, 2012

Drug Busts in Wasaga

Wasaga Beach | by Bayshore News Staff  

Two separate drug busts this week leads to the arrest of five people.

A drug bust at a home in Wasaga Beach has netted police cocaine, marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

The bust was on Wednesday at an apartment on 45th Street South.

A man and woman in the apartment are facing charges.

The 54 year old man from Wasaga and the 42 year old woman from Blue Mountains are accused of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

It follows another drug bust in Wasaga Beach on Tuesday.

Members of the O-P-P Organized Crime Enforcement Bureau, Drug Enforcement Section, and Central North Drug Unit were observing a truck and a blue-coloured 4-door automobile parked next to each other in a parking lot at 1900 Mosley Street.

Police say they observed one man exiting the truck and entering the blue-coloured vehicle.

They say they noticed in the back seat of the blue vehicle what appeared to be a scale and a bag of cannabis marijuana.

They would move in and later discover a quantity of cocaine, heroin, and cannabis marijuana in the vehicle.

Police would also find an oxycontin pill, a morphine pill, and cannabis resin in the truck.

Three local men -- one from Collingwood, another from Wasaga Beach, and one from the Blue Mountains -- are under arrest and are facing a number of drug charges.


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