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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Safety Concerns Being Addressed In Hepworth.

Hepworth | by John Divinski  

Concrete bump-outs will be staging and landing areas for kids crossing County Road 10.

Bruce County will be doing some work soon on County Road 10, just south of Hepworth, and that could be good news for residents who live along Pine Tree Drive and have children attending Hepworth Central Public School.

The residents, in the past, have asked for safety enhancements to protect their kids walking along County Road 10 or trying to cross it, to get to school.

The county has indicated that while doing its road work, it will construct--at no cost to the municipality--concrete bumpouts that will be staging and landing areas for kids crossing the roadway.

South Bruce Peninsula Deputy Mayor Jay Kirkland says "We're going to see the start of a designated area for crossing from the county where they'll cement in the slabs."

Kirkland says, coupled with that, the municipality will look at the costs of putting in a flashing light apparatus to slow down on coming traffic.

He says these types of warning signs are being used more and more by small towns, showing speed limits or a community safety zone.

Kirkland says the bottom line is the kids will have a designated area where they can cross the road.

Also being looked at is putting a crossing guard at the new designated spot near Pine Tree Drive or constructing a sidewalk so kids can walk north to the stop lights at the main intersection in Hepworth.

He says it all costs money but staff will return with a report on what can be done next.

Any major work, according to Kirkland, will have to wait until next year but they may be able to find money for some other lesser-priced work once the designated area is built by the county.

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