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Bruce Trail Celebration 05/15/2011
A celebration is being held for the purchase of new land at Malcolm Bluff Shores this story contains audio!
Hazardous Waste May Day 05/14/2011
Bruce County residents can get rid of their hazardous waste again today.
Spring Cleaning At Hope Haven 05/14/2011
Volunteers needed to get the outdoor facilities in shape at Hope Haven in Markdale this story contains audio!
Dyke Work in Walkerton 05/13/2011
The Walkerton Dyke is going to receive some much needed repairs this Spring. this story contains audio!
Teaching Health in Schools 05/13/2011
It's Healthy Awareness Week for Avon Maitland District School Board students.
Water Sewer Rate Hike 05/12/2011
Residents in Kincardine and Tiverton will pay more for water, sewer for few years. this story contains audio!
Work on Septic Inspections 05/12/2011
Huron County's mandatory septic inspection program is step closer to reality.
West Hill Wins Envirothon 05/11/2011
Owen Sound students win Ontario Envirothon, advance to International Championship. this story contains audio!
Green Sweep in Owen Sound 05/11/2011
West Hill students will clean up parts of Owen Sound today.
Man of Integrity 05/11/2011
Huron County honours Phil Laporte of Zurich as first ever Man of Integrity.
Warden Talks Trash 05/9/2011
Warden still wants to go with user pay system for trash in Simcoe County.
Opposition to Risk Management 05/8/2011
Brockton Councillor Chris Peabody opposes hiring of a Risk Management Official. this story contains audio!
Students Fighting for Water Fountain 05/8/2011
Catholic students have asked the School Board to install high tech water fountains. this story contains audio!
Keeping Lake Huron Safe 05/7/2011
Lake Huron Centre for Coastal Conservation continues efforts to protect Lake.
Firefighters Get A New Tool 05/7/2011
The new powder aerosol tool can extinguish flames without removing oxygen. this story contains audio!
Helping Break-In Victims 05/7/2011
Security Review Program allows Police to help victims tighten their security.
Mothers Day Tree Planting 05/7/2011
CAA, Trees Ontario and local tree planting partners are hosting a free tree planting event
Safety at Bruce Power 05/6/2011
President and CEO sets record straight after Japanese nuclear crisis. this story contains audio!
Business Excellence Awards 05/6/2011
Saugeen Shores Chamber hands out eight Business Excellence Awards. this story contains audio!
Get Rid of Hazardous Waste 05/6/2011
Residents can unload hazardous waste in Lion's Head or Wiarton on Saturday.
Living Snowfence Expands 05/6/2011
One thousand trees will be planted Saturday to break slowing snow on area roadways. this story contains audio!
Doctor Defends Wind Turbines 05/5/2011
Doctor David Colby says wind turbines are not the cause of human sickness.
Call For Quarry Assessment 05/5/2011
Group calls on province to order EA of mega quarry near Shelburne.
Bruce Power Restart on Schedule. 05/4/2011
The 4.8 billion dollar restart program is apparently on schedule for 2012. this story contains audio!
Students Compete at Envirothon 05/4/2011
West Hill Secondary sends team to Paris area to take part in provincial competition. this story contains audio!
Saugeen Shores Business Nominees 05/4/2011
The Saugeen Shores Chamber of Commerce will hand out its Awards on Thursday.
Solar Power Co-op Ready 05/3/2011
Countryside Energy Co-operative may expand into energy from waste in the future
More Time for Landfill 05/2/2011
Life expectancy for landfill in Saugeen Shores has increased with more recycling. this story contains audio!
Dealing With Coyotes 04/30/2011
Meeting will look at non lethal ways to deal with nuisance coyotes.
Hazardous Waste Day 04/30/2011
Residents can get rid of their hazardous waste today, such as propane tanks.
Fish ON-Line 04/30/2011
Ministry of Natural Resources has launched a new interactive Fish ON-Line website. this story contains audio!
Test Wells in Huron 04/29/2011
Public Health Inspector calls on rural property owners to get well water tested now.
Wind Focus at Forum 04/29/2011
Grey County Warden invites MOE to talk about wind development and policy concerns. this story contains audio!
Goods Exchange in Owen Sound 04/29/2011
You can place your unwanted items at the curb for others to take.
Protest Against Proposed Quarry Site 04/28/2011
Site sits on top of huge deposit of limestone and best potato growing land. this story contains audio!
Small Victory for Quarry Protesters 04/27/2011
Lengthened comment period for public comment on quarry plan near Shelburne.
Underground Nuclear Waste System 04/27/2011
There is opposition to proposed DGR, too many risks since so close to Lake Huron this story contains audio!
Anti-Bullying Lesson for Students 04/27/2011
Students at Sacred Heart invite guest speaker to talk about bullying in schools. this story contains audio!
Kinette Club Protects Environment 04/26/2011
To raise environmental awareness, the Tara Kinette Club is selling rain barrels. this story contains audio!
Green Party Leader in Owen Sound 04/25/2011
Elizabeth May makes virtual appearance at Owen Sound office tonight this story contains audio!
Millions in School Upgrades 04/25/2011
The Bruce Grey Catholic School Board is spending a million dollars in green upgrades. this story contains audio!
Quarry March Continues 04/25/2011
Hundreds protest massive quarry plan by marching on Highway 10 to Shelburne.
Battling Wind Noise 04/25/2011
HEAT member talks about cases of health concerns with wind turbines.
Clean Fill Charges In Southampton 04/25/2011
It's going to cost you soon to drop off clean fill at the Saugeen Shores landfill site this story contains audio!
Funding For Dark Sky 04/25/2011
Two groups receive Trillium grant for pilot project to promote dark sky practices.
Bruce Power Beach Party 04/24/2011
Planning has begun for the annual Bruce Power beach party on July 16th. this story contains audio!
Are You Ready To Hit The Polls? 04/23/2011
It appears residents are split over whether or not we should head to the polls May 2nd. this story contains audio!
Georgian College Green Award 04/23/2011
Georgian College has been once again named one of Canada's greenest employers.
Compost Woes 04/23/2011
Dumping at the compost site in Southampton is the cause of some issues. this story contains audio!
Community Kitchen Event at Library 04/23/2011
The Collingwood Public Library is celebrating earth day with a big line-up of

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