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Conservatives Pick Leitch 03/26/2011
Doctor Kellie Leitch will carry Conservative banner in federal election.
Lobb Prepares for Election 03/26/2011
Huron Bruce MP feels his government was denied fair chance to defend contempt claim. this story contains audio!
Two Per cent Tax Hike in Tiny 03/26/2011
Tiny Township has finished its budget work with a two per cent tax increase.
Canada Heads to Polls 03/25/2011
Harper Government found in contempt of Parliament, and election campaign set to begin.
Guergis Comments on Election 03/25/2011
MP Helena Guergis says she is ready for federal election campaign. this story contains audio!
Cuts Found in City Budget 03/25/2011
Owen Sound Council finds 267 thousand in savings, lowers tax increase. this story contains audio!
Bruce County Budget Set 03/25/2011
Bruce County Corporate Services Committee approves 2011 budget with minimal hike. this story contains audio!
Brockton Budget Awaits Approval 03/25/2011
Brockton has come through with a zero percent tax increase for the 2011 budget. this story contains audio!
Owen Sound Fire Budget Changes 03/25/2011
Around-the-clock full tiered response by firefighters will become thing of past. this story contains audio!
Federal Candidate Meetings 03/24/2011
Liberals and Conservatives in Simcoe Grey prepare for a federal election.
Group Calls For Guergis Reinstatement 03/24/2011
A women's group wants Prime Minister to give Helena Guergis her job back.
Murdoch Calls For Democracy 03/24/2011
Bruce Grey Owen Sound MPP says representative democracy lost to parties. this story contains audio!
Same Huron County Size 03/24/2011
The number of Councillors around Huron County table will remain at 20.
Farmers Upset With Budget 03/24/2011
News Release from Ontario beef, pork and grain and oilseed producers.
MP Blasts New Democrats 03/23/2011
Ben Lobb paints the NDP as ungrateful for their pledge to vote against budget. this story contains audio!
Reaction to Federal Budget 03/23/2011
Conservatives to fall on document, election in May this story contains audio!
Owen Sound Budget Talks 03/23/2011
Owen Sound Council and staff will look to trim proposed tax hike from 5.45 per cent. this story contains audio!
No Tax Hike in Goderich 03/23/2011
Goderich Council approves 2011 budget with 0 per cent tax increase.
NDP Continues Generator Debate 03/23/2011
NDP used World Water Day to call for a stop to Bruce Power's steam generator plan. this story contains audio!
Federal Budget Highlights 03/22/2011
Highlights of Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty's budget delivered on Tuesday.
Budget Woes in Kincardine 03/22/2011
Mayor warns five per cent municipal tax increase may not be enough. this story contains audio!
Wasaga Council Talks Cats 03/22/2011
New bylaw would restrict number of kitties in a home in Wasaga Beach. this story contains audio!
Protecting Our Food 03/21/2011
MP applauds move to post rule breaking companies on CFIA website. this story contains audio!
Collingwood Developments Discussed 03/21/2011
Some getting go-ahead, others up for review as Council meets tonight. this story contains audio!
Maitland Valley Conservation Budget 03/20/2011
MVCA Budget of 2.3 million dollars receives approval.
Huron Bruce MP Ready for Budget 03/18/2011
Ben Lobb says budget to include many items as Conservatives prepare for possible election. this story contains audio!
Budget Talks in Huron Kinloss 03/18/2011
Huron Kinloss staff working on next budget draft with lower tax hike than in 2010. this story contains audio!
Picking Candidates for Vote 03/18/2011
Conservatives and Liberals in Simcoe Grey will pick candidates for federal election.
Few Surprises in GSCA Budget 03/18/2011
Grey Sauble Conservation Authority requests a 1.7 per cent increase from Meaford. this story contains audio!
Turbine Controversy in Kincardine 03/17/2011
Kincardine will dedicate a special meeting to talk about wind turbines. this story contains audio!
No Wind Permits in Georgian Bluffs 03/17/2011
Township will not issue permits for any wind turbine developments. this story contains audio!
Central Huron Budget Talks 03/17/2011
Central Huron Councillors will deliberate again on March 28th
Guergis Tells of Secret Meeting 03/17/2011
Simcoe Grey MP Ousted from Conservative Party still vowing to run.
Saugeen Authority Makes Cuts 03/16/2011
Saugeen Conservation Authority uses reserve funds to cut levy increase in 2011 budget. this story contains audio!
Recorders Banned from Council 03/16/2011
South Bruce Peninsula bans public and media from bringing recorders into meetings. this story contains audio!
Taking Control of Wind Turbines 03/15/2011
Saugeen Shores Council passes motion to suspend wind development for a local voice. this story contains audio!
Wasaga Tax Hike Less Than 2 % 03/15/2011
Mayor says tax hike will be near inflation this story contains audio!
Budget Talks in Brockton 03/15/2011
Mayor confident they can bring the tax increase down from three to zero per cent. this story contains audio!
Collingwood Eyes Tax Decrease 03/15/2011
Collingwood Council Cuts include Accessible Transit this story contains audio!
Collingwood Donates to Japan 03/15/2011
Council sets aside five thousand dollars to donate to Japan Relief. this story contains audio!
Finalizing Budget on Peninsula 03/14/2011
South Bruce Peninsula is close to finalizing its 2011 budget with no tax increase. this story contains audio!
Tax Decrease? 03/14/2011
Collingwood Councillors contemplate more cuts to decrease 2011 taxes.
Plea for Jubilee Hall 03/14/2011
People behind Victoria Jubilee Hall ask for grant money from Brockton Council. this story contains audio!
Overtime Gets Overhaul 03/13/2011
Kincardine administration brings in new cost-saving measure regarding overtime. this story contains audio!
Attacks Over Full Day Learning 03/13/2011
Liberals claim Bill Murdoch and PC party would scrap full day kindergarten.
New Pumper Fire Truck 03/13/2011
Kincardine Council puts money into reserves for new pumper fire truck in Tiverton. this story contains audio!
Kincardine Keeps Grant 03/12/2011
Kincardine keeps grant program at 50 thousand dollars during budget deliberations. this story contains audio!
Chief Kaye Reflects On Career 03/11/2011
Outgoing Owen Sound Police Chief talks about career and takes aim at his critics. this story contains audio!
Health Unit Budget Up 03/11/2011
The Grey-Bruce Health Unit brings in a 13.5 million dollar overall budget this story contains audio!
Wind Group Invites Liberals 03/11/2011
Inter Municipal Wind Turbine Group wants Premier to meet people with wind turbine problems this story contains audio!

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