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NDP Wants to Save Jails 05/10/2011
NDP calls on Liberal government to cancel plans to close three jails in Ontario. this story contains audio!
Prayer Back at City Council 05/10/2011
Prayers and faith blessings will remain part of city council meetings in Owen Sound. this story contains audio!
Pay Raise in Saugeen Shores 05/10/2011
Saugeen Shores Council approves raise for members, staff and board members. this story contains audio!
A Good Sign for Conservatives 05/10/2011
MPP for Sarnia Lambton is happy about the majority Conservative federal government.
Back to Budget Board 05/9/2011
Kincardine resumes budget talks today after turning down previous 12 per cent hike. this story contains audio!
Warden Talks Trash 05/9/2011
Warden still wants to go with user pay system for trash in Simcoe County.
Contact Centre Future Discussed 05/9/2011
Fitness Centre closed since September but back on Council agenda tonight.
No Reeve in Central Huron 05/6/2011
The title of Reeve may soon be extinct in Central Huron.
New MP Prepares For Role 05/5/2011
The member of parliament elect for Simcoe Grey is starting to get settled into her role.
Call For Quarry Assessment 05/5/2011
Group calls on province to order EA of mega quarry near Shelburne.
Board Supports Ombudsman 05/4/2011
Bluewater School Board supports expansion of Ombudsman powers for Boards. this story contains audio!
Bluewater Works on Budget 05/4/2011
Bluewater still working on 2011 budget, wants to lower proposed tax rate.
Premier Promises Tax Relief 05/4/2011
Ontario is uploading some services and Premier McGuinty says that will continue. this story contains audio!
Miller Rides to Win 05/3/2011
Conservative MP wins in Bruce Grey Owen Sound, thrilled the Bloc were hammered. this story contains audio!
Lobb Repeats in Huron Bruce 05/3/2011
Conservative Ben Lobb returns to Parliament, proclaims election was for nothing. this story contains audio!
Conservative Win in Simcoe Grey 05/3/2011
Kellie Leitch wins in Simcoe Grey and helps Conservatives to a majarity. this story contains audio!
More Conservative Victories 05/3/2011
Voters return Gary Schellenberger and Pat Davidson to Parliament
Guergis Voted Out 05/3/2011
Former MP places third in Simcoe Grey, but not surprised by the finish. this story contains audio!
Parties No Match in Bruce Grey 05/3/2011
NDP surprised with second place finish, Liberals and Greens disappointed. this story contains audio!
Mixed Night for NDP 05/3/2011
Grant Robertson finishes a distant second behind Tory Ben Lobb in Huron Bruce this story contains audio!
Bagnato Contemplates Third Place 05/3/2011
Grit hopeful blames leader Michael Ignatieff's performance and NDP surge. this story contains audio!
Young Candidate Happy 05/3/2011
23 year old Eric Shelley promises he'll be back despite fourth place showing. this story contains audio!
More Voters Turnout 05/3/2011
Higher voter turnout around the region and Canada for Monday's federal election.
Voting Day Today 05/2/2011
People head to the polls today for Canada's 41st General Election.
Voters head to the polls in Huron-Bruce 05/2/2011
Huron-Bruce voters will make their decision for tonights federal election
Council advandce for Collingwood 05/2/2011
Collingwood Council have a number of decisions to make tonight
Closed Meeting Case Over 05/2/2011
Hanover cleared of any wrong doing after complaint was filed about Rec Centre name. this story contains audio!
Farm Union Fight Not Over 05/2/2011
UFCW wants to make the farm union issue front and centre in Ontario election. this story contains audio!
Brockton Likes Jail Meeting 04/30/2011
Brockton Councillor has different spin on meeting with MPP Carol Mitchell. this story contains audio!
Less Hope for Jails 04/29/2011
OPSEU says its battle to keep Owen Sound, Walkerton jails open 'doesn't look good.' this story contains audio!
CAS in Walkerton 04/29/2011
Voices of Innocent Families hold rally to call for accountability for Children's Aid. this story contains audio!
Wind Focus at Forum 04/29/2011
Grey County Warden invites MOE to talk about wind development and policy concerns. this story contains audio!
MP Puts Little Stock in Polls 04/28/2011
Conservative MP Larry Miller says polls are only good for hydro wires and dogs. this story contains audio!
NDP Buoyed by Polls 04/28/2011
Bruce Grey Owen Sound NDP candidate says National success could translate locally. this story contains audio!
Finance Minister in Simcoe Grey 04/28/2011
Jim Flaherty is latest high profile Conservative to help battle for Simcce Grey.
Bruce Grey Owen Sound Debate 04/28/2011
It's a different format kind of debate for four candidates in Bruce Grey Owen Sound.
Protests at Mitchell Office 04/28/2011
OPSEU plans protests at Clinton and Kincardine MPP offices to oppose jail closures. this story contains audio!
Protest Against Proposed Quarry Site 04/28/2011
Site sits on top of huge deposit of limestone and best potato growing land. this story contains audio!
Premier Calls Out Federal Parties 04/27/2011
Dalton McGuinty touts risk management plan, wants federal parties to join the program. this story contains audio!
Chamber Holds Debate 04/27/2011
Bruce Grey Owen Sound's four candidates will have another debate in Owen Sound.
Candidates Debate in Meaford 04/27/2011
Four candidates in Bruce Grey Owen Sound talk about campaign in Meaford. this story contains audio!
Love Campaign Gets Boost 04/27/2011
MP Carolyn Bennett speaks about Health Care platform and National Food Strategy this story contains audio!
Full House for Huron Bruce Candidates 04/27/2011
Bruce Power Visitor Center packed as five Huron Bruce candidates debate issues. this story contains audio!
Conservative Skips Thornbury Meeting 04/27/2011
Doctor Kellie Leitch a no-show at all candidates debate in Thornbury.
Premier to Visit Hensall 04/26/2011
Premier Dalton McGuinty will visit MPP Carol Mitchell's riding at Hensall Co-op.
Final Day for Mail in Ballots 04/26/2011
Today's the last day for residents away from home to mail in ballots for federal election.
Green Party Skype Conference 04/26/2011
Elizabeth May uses skype to talk to voters in Bruce Grey Owen Sound. this story contains audio!
Candidates Meet Tonight 04/26/2011
Voters can hear from the candidates in Bruce Grey Owen Sound and Huron Bruce. this story contains audio!
Last Day for Advance Polls 04/25/2011
Last chance to vote before election day, May 2nd.
Green Party Leader in Owen Sound 04/25/2011
Elizabeth May makes virtual appearance at Owen Sound office tonight this story contains audio!

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